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101 Western Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider

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The exciting new discipline of Western Dressage lets riders of Western pleasure, work, or competitive horses enjoy the benefits of traditional dressage while using Western tack and attire. This book — the very first on the topic — offers 101 fun and effective exercises that will improve every Western horse’s suppleness, balance in movement, and responsiveness. Each exercise is presented with illustrated, step-by-step instructions and a full arena diagram, and exercises are organized by focus: softness, looseness, rider development, engagement, adjustability, and ground work. This book is the ultimate reference for this new sport.

Whether riders are interested in developing their horse for pleasure riding or for competition, 101 Western Dressage Exercises for Horse and Rider will give them the tools to take their horses to the next level. Each exercise is presented with a full arena diagram and step-by-step instructions with helpful tips. The exercises are organized in chapters by individual training emphasis – softness, looseness, rider development, engagement, adjustability, and ground work – and address all levels of riders. This book joins Storey’s other titles in the successful Read & Ride series that are designed with comb binding to lie flat open or hang from an arena fence.

6 reviews for 101 Western Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider

  1. mallorca

    This is a fun, practical book with so many interesting ideas for you to incorporate into your riding whether you actually ride Western dressage or not. I find this type of book particularly helpful for those of us who mostly ride alone without a regular instructor/trainer. The author, Jec A Ballou, has written a host of other excellent material as well. You can’t go wrong filling your equestrian libarary with her books!

  2. saddleupsedona

    What a great way to practice! You can determine what your goal is for a day or week and work on the exercises, journal your progress and move on to the next week with more exercises! It is so helpful to read the details of an exercise and to focus on just one or two at the most each ride. I find it so very helpful. Highly recommend!!

  3. kgrant7

    I love this book! It’s so handy to have in my tack room, I often look at it before a ride to give me inspiration and direction based on what my horse and I need to work on. The different exercises makes riding more fun and productive. Jec explains the steps and goals clearly, as well as the why behind doing it in the first place. This book would be helpful for any type of rider!

  4. Faith M

    The winters in the great white north bring icy conditions & riding endless circles in the arena really isn’t ideal. This book provides options for beginners as well as advanced riders to spend some quality time with your horse. Keep your horse conditioned and his mind challenged while working through the exercises.

  5. sky1

    What a fun book. These exercise will benefit both the horse and rider. Horses seem to enjoy new challenges and this book provides many ways to do just that. Highly recommend for all horses and riders. Even if Dressage is not your primary focus these exercises will be fun and beneficial.

  6. Mike Aldrich

    I am not a Dressage Rider. I bought this to give me more things to do with my horse during times when I don’t have time to go on a trail ride. My guy gets board just doing circles in the arena. I made the mistake of first buying this on my iPad. Soon I bought a paper copy I keep in my tack room. Now it’s always handy and I don’t mind it getting dusty. The book is easy to read, gives you step by step instructions and has excellent drawings and diagrams. Every exercise is ranked by level and includes an explanation of the benefit. There are even helpful hints to make execution easier.

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