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A Horseman Remembers His First 90 Years by Jack Brainard


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Jack Brainard is a natural-born storyteller.  In this entertaining memoir he avoids the temptation to merely recite the facts, dates and events that have made up his extraordinary life.  Instead, he weaves a fascinating tale that begins on the pains of South Dakota when veterans of the Indian Wars and great cattle drives regaled young Jack with stories of their own.  The last chapter ends almost a century later as he travels around the country extolling the virtues of his latest passion, Cowboy Dressage.  In between are many stories that help explain how the horse industry evolved in the 20th century and shy Jack believes it will continue to play a vital role in American society. 

Blessed with extraordinary powers of observation, a keen sense of humor and an appreciation for irony, Jack’s life story can be told only by the man himself.  It is a great read and well worth your time.

Hardcover, photos, 213 pages.


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