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The Dressage Seat – Achieving a Beautiful, Effective Position in Every Gait and Movement by Anja Beran

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With stunningly beautiful photographs and clear descriptions, classical dressage authority Anja Beran breaks down the physical requirements of the rider’s seat on the horse, as well as its responsibilities during various movements—from the gaits and paces to lateral work, lead changes, piaffe, passage, and pirouettes.

Beran provides a unique perspective on the use of breath when riding, citing the recommendations of a classically-trained opera singer who regularly works with Beran and her riding students to develop their deep breathing skills. “A relaxed seat,” Beran says, “is never possible with restricted breathing.”

In addition, she explores the need for an improved inner attitude in order to truly refine your seat on a horse. Fear, stress, and tension all interfere with your ability to focus on the horse and connect with him during the time you are together. Simple practices can help open and calm the mind, and over time, contribute to an overall better outlook and enhanced physical capacity.

In the second half of the book, Beran is joined by her personal physiotherapist and dance teacher for an in-depth look at human anatomy and how it functions in conjunction with the horse. Practical exercises give readers easy ways to improve mobility, strength, stability, coordination, perception, and overall posture, with superb results.

4 reviews for The Dressage Seat – Achieving a Beautiful, Effective Position in Every Gait and Movement by Anja Beran

  1. m-adams

    A beautifully done book featuring a soft, conscientious and kind rider/trainer. I enjoyed her insights into how we make horses feel, and how to be fair – in other words good training no matter the discipline. Definitely worth re-reading and referencing over and over.

  2. micaela.mcnulty (verified owner)

    This book is amazing! It is very enjoyable to read, and I love the way the author goes through each part of the rider’s body and explains with such clarity and detail exactly what it should be doing (and not doing!) and why. She then expands on this and explains how the rider’s seat should be in each gait and in many different movements, from transitions to canter pirouette. I very much appreciate the emphasis on harmony with the horse’s movement, as well as the sections on breathing and psychological aspects of riding (which can be applied to any area and discipline of horsemanship). Since I am a visual learner I also love the beautiful photos throughout that illustrate everything she talks about. The section on physical exercises and stretches for the rider, and the section that quizzes the reader to help with recognizing common pitfalls in the rider’s body position, are also particularly great. Basically, this book is incredibly well done, and I know I will come back to it again and again as I work to improve my riding!

  3. Sandy Hushagen

    I echo the comments above. Loved this book. I read a great deal on dressage related topics and this is one of the best explanations of the seat I have ever encountered. It’s a 5 star for sure!

  4. comoller99

    This is a really nicely done book. The photos and illustrations are top notch. The author has the ability to explain in clear language how to achieve your riding goals and avoid pitfalls. She has exercises in the second half of the book to improve your physical fitness with your goals in mind. The authors explanation on breathing was amazing. I am not a dressage rider and some things are above my riding level but I wanted to achieve a better seat and a closer connection to my horse. This book would be an asset to any riders library.

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