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Vaquero 6: Tierra Encantado – New Mexico Cowboy

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Four hundred years ago, the Spaniards introduced the horse to the American West. El caballo, as the Spanish called the horse, had a profound effect on this new world. The horse provided transportation for the padres, gave Native Americans mobility. And for the Vaqueros, he provided the underpinnings for the ranching culture and the foundation for the American Cowboy.

The descendants of those early settlers still live in New Mexico and many of them still speak the dialect of the Conquistadors. Descendants of those early caballos are still here, too. The foundation the Spaniards laid for ranching is still practiced on the big spreads — the Bell Ranch, Pecos Ranch and San Cristobal Ranch. It’s all part of this great Southwestern melting pot where Spanish, Indian and Anglo come together, each preserving their own traditions, but forging a colorful culture unique to Tierra Encantado — the land of enchantment. Underscored by New Mexico’s finest cowboy singers and musicians.

Approximately 98 minutes

1 review for Vaquero 6: Tierra Encantado – New Mexico Cowboy

  1. heidi_leigh_bailey

    I have watched a few of the DVDs in this series and they are very enjoyable. My family is from New Mexico so we watched this one together. Even my 10-year-old son found it interesting. The scenery is beautiful and it was fun to see familiar places. I also watched the Tapadero, Remuda, Paniolo, and Cowpuncher episodes. The history of how these different cultures formed is fascinating. I am more interested in the horse training than the cow handling, but there is a nice mix of both. The shows take some time to watch – they are each about 90 minutes. I wish the episodes had an Intro. They kind of jump right in and at first I thought I missed the beginning. I especially enjoyed listening to the interviews (and musical talents!) of the people who continue to work in this challenging field.. Their rewards aren’t financial, so you know they must truly love it. This series is a treasure since it is capturing a way of life that is slowly being lost. I would love to see an episode about the gauchos of South America!

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