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Vaquero 5: Los Primeros — The First Vaqueros


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The Vaquero’s roots go deep. His beginnings are on the other side of the world, It’s been a long journey — 15 centuries — back to the Moors of North Africa and their nimble Barb horses. To Spain, where the blending of Moorish and Spanish horse cultures laid the groundwork for the bridle horse that was the hallmark of these superb reinsmen.

To Mexico, where the underpinnings for roping and handling cattle on the open range evolved. And to California where it all came together. Here, the secrets of training horses through centuries of practice came full flower. And the hackamore, romal reins and spade bit were refined. The best of these proud Vaqueros earned the title “Californio.” Filmed in Spain, Mexico, California and the American West.

Approximately 98 minutes.


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