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Vaquero 12: North of the Border Buckaroos


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Cowboys from British Columbia, and Canada

The Northern Buckaroos inherited the Californio Vaquero traditions back in the 1850s. Gold was discovered and miners needed beef. Cattle from California and Oregon Territory, were driven by up to the Gold Fields by Vaqueros and Buckaroos. And they introduced the Buckaroo traditions to Canada. When Northern Buckaroos drove cattle and horses to Alberta, they met up with Punchers bringing cattle from Texas. Over time Buckaroos took the best of the Texas traditions and blended them with their own Buckaroo style. Today, you see a mixture of the two. But some things haven’t changed. Up here, it’s still on the wild and wooly side. And there’s nary a hand who hasn’t climbed on his pony on a chilly morning, and had to ride him to work, bucking every inch of the way.


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