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Vaquero 11: Cow Hunters of Florida


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A Cow Hunter is a special breed of cowboy who can track a wild cow through dense woods and return her to the herd unscathed. Cow Hunters originated 400 years ago in the Carolinas, and when England took over Florida, these traditions migrated with them. They brought their cur dogs and whips. And a unique brand of Cow Hunter lingo… cattle hide in a hammock and graze in a crevice. A maverick cow is heradick.

While the Brits brought their Cowkeeping customs with them, the cattle and horses were all Spanish. In fact, ranching began 450 years ago on Florida soil. And the descendants of Spanish cattle and horses are still here. Florida’s cattle population is second only to Texas.  And the Cow Hunter sense of humor…indescribable. 100 minutes.


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