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Vaquero 10: Bayou Cowboys of Louisiana


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Louisiana is where cowboying goes along with part-time ‘gator hunting. And Cajun and Zydeco music packs more kick than a Crawfish Étouffée. Cattle handling draws on many roots — France, Canada, Africa Spain, with a little Texas thrown in, too. Here muddy marshlands, drenching rains, and vicious hurricanes wield their influence on horses, saddles and the intrepid cowboys who ride them. So when it comes to gear, practicality rules. In this country, a cow can thrive on an acre or two of grass — compared to a hundred acres in West Texas. But a rider better pay attention when checking those cows — the Cottonmouth Moccasins are not too friendly. And those gators can spook your horse if one is caught by surprise. Underscored with local Cowboy Cajun and Zydeco music. 90 minutes.


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