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Vaquero 1: Tapadero — The Californios


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Tapadero is a documentary about the California Vaqueros, long revered as some of the world’s greatest horsemen. It includes a look at the colorful vaquero history that began 300 years ago in Mexico and traces the journey to Alta California, which would become a horseman’s paradise.

You get a first-hand look at the ranch life and the awe-inspiring scenery at some of California’s great ranchos where they still follow vaquero traditions, including riding slick-fork saddles, use of the hackamore and spade bit, reata roping, and livestock handling. It is a tribute to those hardy souls living the vaquero tradition and carrying it forward, and features some of California’s mainstays of the vaquero way.

Running time is approx. 1 hr. 22 min. DVD format.


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