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Eclectic Horseman Issue No.99


Product Description

January/February 2018

The Horseman’s Gazette – For Visual Learners by Tom Moates
An introduction to the educational DVD series produced by Eclectic Horseman Communications featuring your favorite horsemen and -women.

Evaluating Young Horses – A Roundtable with Bryan Neubert, Melanie Taylor and Dwight Hill by Tom Moates
These accomplished horsemen and -woman discuss their approach to assessing young horses.

Common Ground Through Common Language by Tim McGaffic
What happens when we use a common language to discuss our horsemanship goals?

Feeling What a Horse Needs Part 5 – Addressing a Brace on the Lead Rope by Tom Curtin
Tom works a newly saddled young horse on the ground and discusses his observations and the finer points of things you can do to help your horse.

Help Prevent Hoof Pain From Affecting Whole Body by Jec A. Ballou with Jim Masterson
Learn some helpful strategies and techniques that can keep a longlasting pattern of compensation from getting started.

Getting the Right Hackamore by Martin Black
How can you be sure the hackamore you purchase will be the right size for your horse? Martin Black shows you how to measure for a correct fit.

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