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Eclectic Horseman Issue No.109


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September/October 2019

Ask a Horseman – Questions Answered By Buck Brannaman
Enjoy some answers to common rider questions from horseman Buck Brannaman.

Feeling What a Horse Needs – Helping Shorty Part 2 with Tom Curtin Photos by Emily Kitching
Tom demonstrates how you might use something that a horse is unsure about to help him learn to move out and get confident.

Thoughts About Reins By Tom Moates
What are the reins for? How we think about this common aid can help frame how we use them.

Bring Your Students to a Clinic By Kristin Jacob
What happens when a hunter/jumper trainer brings her students to a horsemanship clinic? A whole lot of fun and learning!

Training Horses That Have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder By Pat McKnight
Horses are not immune from the effects of negative traumatic experiences, learn more about the neurochemistry of PTSD and how to understand it’s effects during training.

Three Books, One Clinic: Tom Moates colt starting clinic series By Olivia Wilkes
Learn more about the second installment of this ambitious 3-book series.

Straightness Is Balance By Donnette Hicks
Not riding straight is an important issue. Straightness is a balance between our right and left sides. It not only applies when riding on straight lines but on bending lines and in lateral work as well.


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