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The Munsick Boys


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Original western country music performed by an original western country family. Released in 2012.

1. Sin City Blues
2. Call Him a Cowboy
3. Curran’s Cross
4. Kiss in the Rain
5. Big Nevada
6. Oklahoma Lights
7. I’d Be a Fool
8. Reata
9. Walking Contradiction
10. Wrong Turns
11. Hotel Memories of Home
12. Good Horses, Whiskey, and You

The Munsick Boys Band
When you hear two brothers sing in harmony you’ve heard what musical connections are all about. Now double that experience and you can begin to appreciate the sound that the Munsick Boys create. The band consists of Dave on fiddle and guitar, Tris on dobro and guitar, Sam on bass and guitar,and Ian on mandolin, guitar and other side fill instruments. Their choice of compositions is uniquely western and their sound tends to communicate the western values of the family and the land as well as the universal themes that inhabit everyone; life and love. Each member of the band is an accomplished writer and they have all recorded their original compositions in the past. Their debut cd, The Munsick Boys, shows how a unique western sound can be created by four individual artists who happen to have the same blood line. Give them a listen!


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