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Old Poly Rope – Trinity Seely

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Trinity’s newest CD. Released Nov 1st, 2013 and produced by Butch Hause and Trinity Seely at the Ranger Station in Berthoud CO. Original tunes written from the heart of a Cowgirl. Trinity shares a more personal insight into the life of a ranch wife and mother.

1 review for Old Poly Rope – Trinity Seely

  1. kkcowgirl

    I saw a snippet somewhere that I thought was from a poem, “Looking for the solace in my soul, smile as I listen to my pony’s cricket roll”, and I thought, how beautiful! Who is Trinity Seely? And what is this poem? (Or so I thought at the time!) And so I discovered this wonderful album, full of rich lyrics, beautiful vocals, and music that grabs your heart. I love this album, but “Cricket Roll” was the one that brought me here. Thanks Trinity!

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