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Listen by Juni Fisher


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Juni Fisher takes the willing horseman and woman on a journey that enters the essence and heart of horsemanship: the deep connection between horse, and those humans willing to look for it.

In the empathetic title track “Listen” the horse implores the rider to tune in to what is going on, the honoring of the work of the farrier in “For Want of a Nail,” and then the eerily prophetic look at the treatment of America’s native people in Mitchell and Fisher’s “Still There,” one would feel that they know where this is going, but the easy going sound of “Fillinic,” written about the great mare that created the Greg Ward dynasty in the reined Cow Horse world will carry the listener along ‘til the last verses, and then deliver a hard hitting message that is sure to linger in the heart of horsemen.

“Fly Without Leaving the Ground” is as autobiographical as Fisher has ever written, we get a glimpse into what she had and almost lost, and then regained, and “Stewball” was a childhood favorite of hers. Juni loved Mike Beck’s fine tribute to Bill Dorrance and his bridle horse “Patrick,” and “Cuttin’ Horse Pen” is destined to be the national anthem of cutting horse riders and enthusiasts.

Poet Diane Tribitt shared her wonderful poem “Song of the Nighthawk,” and Fisher found a hauntingly beautiful way to give it a musical voice. “Who They Are” was one of the first songs Fisher and Mitchell wrote together several years ago, and was a perfect fit to honor horsemen and women. The final track, “Ride With Your Heart Open” celebrates the horsemen of the world who are willing to help people understand their own unique, and ever evolving connection with horses. This is an album for horses and the humans who dedicate their lives to them. Listen…you will understand.

1. Listen (by Juni Fisher) 4:58
2. For Want of a Nail (by Juni Fisher) 5:44
3. Still There (by Waddie Mitchell, Juni Fisher) 5:15
4. Fillinic (by Juni Fisher) 5:49
5. Fly Without Leaving the Ground (by Juni Fisher) 3:41
6. Stewball Traditional 3:34
7. Patrick (by Mike Beck) 4:34
8. Cuttin' Horse Pen (by Juni Fisher) 3:27
9. Song of the Nighthawk (by Diane Tribitt, Juni Fisher) 7:04
10. Who They Are (by Juni Fisher, Waddie Mitchell) 4:28
11. Ride With Your Heart Open (by Juni Fisher) 4:33

About Juni
Juni Fisher's name is synonymous with the kind of songwriting that, according to one promoter "Plumbs the depth of your soul…". Born in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Fisher grew up in a farming family, but between school and countless singing performances with her two sisters, Juni found a way to have horses, and 4-H and FFA honors followed her through out her school years. While studying Equine Science at the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, she rode young horses for her customers, and became known as a good horse show "catch rider": she rode her way through college, with top honors at Intercollegiate and Quarter Horse shows. Meanwhile, she was earning horse show entry money singing big band standards in a dance orchestra.

In her early adult years she apprenticed with a cowhorse trainer, and trained cowhorses from snaffle bitters to bridle horses, winning her first Snaffle Bit Futurity (IARCHA) in '81, her first Bridle Horse Championship in '83 (the Monterey Classic) while working on a cow calf operation, and running a roping arena. Her bridle horses did day work on the ranch, and competed weekends. If there was a campfire gathering with music, Juni was there with her guitar, singing the songs of the west she'd learned from her father. In 1984 she moved to Santa Ynez, CA, to work for a cutting horse trainer, taking her blossoming songwriting skills with her.

A local band was quick to ask her to play rhythm guitar and sing leads and backups, and soon she was working L.A. area clubs with a country dance band, which was playing western and cowboy music. Juni's ability to ride at speed across the hills found her working as a foxhunting professional, and she accepted a one year position with a hunt club in Tennessee. Point to point racing, steeplechasing, and horse trials took the place of cowhorses, while she honed her songwriting skills among Nashville's finest.

Her first Western release,"Tumbleweed Letters" (1999) reached Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival director Gary Brown in late 2003. He shared Juni's music with other promoters and soon Juni would shift to music full time as her profession. Fisher now performs at the major festivals, and concert venues of all sizes across the US, and spends saddle time on her cutting horse, keeping her tuned up for competition.


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