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Eclectic Horseman Communications Inc., was founded in September of 2001 to serve the community of horse owners searching for educational resources. Starting with the acclaimed bi-monthly magazine and companion Web site, EHC has included a long list of professional services comprised of video production, web and print design and much more. EHC continually to looks for new ways to connect horse owners to the information, products and community they seek.

Ten Questions Answered by Joyce Harman DVM, MRCVS

Written by Eclectic Horseman 1. How did you get involved with horses? Horses were in my blood. As I have been told, I cannot...

The Ten-Minute Horseman

Written by Sylvana Smith This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.2 Those quick feeding-time or social visits can build—or undermine—your relationship with your horse. I...

How Groundwork Relates to Riding Part 2

With Mindy Bower A simple thing that many people miss Situation: When I first watched Ginsor’s owner work him on the ground, the first word that came...

Dance Class 101 with Buck Brannaman

Story and photos by Emily Kitching,  This article originally appeared in Eclectic Horseman Issue No.2 The analogy of the dance is one that is commonly used...