Adrian – Buckaroogirl

The Buckaroogirl, Adrian delivers her third CD with all the vocal and instrumental power she has come to be known for, with resonate, mature and deeply meaningful words of the cowboy life. 1. 100 Pounds 2. Run Boys Run 3. Buckaroo Barbie 4. Spanish Ranch Cowboy 5. Red Lipped Bronc Stomper 6. Hands 7. Where'd […]

Adrian – Boots and Pearls

Boots and Pearls reflects the baring of singer/song, Adrian’s soul through her passionate music. Producer, Tom Russell contributes to her tale of heartache and happiness always pointing to her one true love, The West. 1. Cinderella 2. At the End of the Year 3. Boots and Pearls 4. Farewell 5. Damn Rodeo Men 6. Missing […]

Adrian – Hwy 80

An eclectic combination of Blues, Western and Folk music describing today’s modern cowboy and ranch life with yesterday’s heroes. The CD expresses powerful, rich female vocals with mature, original and developed lyrics. 1. Old Dale 2. Elko 3. Winter Blues 4. Highway 80 5. Old Time Vaquero 6. Tuscarora 7. The Will James Days 8. […]

Adrian Buckaroo Girl

“We’re a small genre, out there in the cowboy genre right now,” says singer/songwriter Adrian “Buckaroogirl” Brannan. “But we’re also a very much needed genre of music because we’re telling about a culture and a way of life that is definitely under attack in today’s world.” Adrian’s songs spring from her lively spirit and personal […]

The Second Annual Horsemen’s Re-Union

Written by Tom Moates What began as an off-hand remark quickly snowballed into a full fledged, major league colt starting event—one which is now about to be held for the second time. On April 15-20, 2013, the California Mid-State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles, California again will be the home of the Horsemen’s Re-Union. ( ) […]

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