The Outlaw Trail by J Parson $17.50
The Outlaw Trail by J Parson
The Outlaw Trail brings together new music by J Parson along with some of his finest older songs, and also includes some songs made popular by J's all time favorites. J states, "This is a piece of work I have always wanted to do. I have been fortunate to put just the right musicians together to help me capture the sound that I knew these songs could achieve. With these fine players my songs have become everything they should be." Fans of J Parson will want to play this music time and time again. Don't miss your chance to ride The Outlaw Trail.

About J

If you like authentic Cowboy and old time Country music then J Parson is the man. He grew up in Bakersfield , CA. and has worked in the ranching business for most of his life. At various times he has run cattle from the Carrizzo Plains to the Mojave Desert . He also raises quality ranch horses and has been involved in the farming business in the San Joaquin Valley. J splits his time now between his ranch in California and his farm in southeast Kansas .

Growing up in Bakersfield with the radio playing the likes of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Marty Robbins, and Waylon Jennings, J had little choice but to develop a lifelong love for both Western and Country Music. He draws on both his own experiences of life on the ranch and his deep respect of the all time greats to create a sound that has been widely appreciated throughout the West. Whether he is performing traditional Cowboy standards, good old honky tonk tunes, or songs that are all his own, his listeners not only hear the music, they feel it. J likes to say, "I may not play strictly Cowboy Music, but I play music that Cowboys like to listen to."

For many years J played music occasionally at small gatherings, family functions, after brandings, or with a few friends. Somewhere along the line his friends and family convinced him that he should start playing to larger audiences and everyone is sure glad that he has. J has been a featured performer at many events throughout the country including the prestigious Cowboy Gathering in Elko , NV , the Salinas Rodeo, and the Cowpoke Festival in Loomis , CA . His performances have taken him to many states including Texas , Tennessee , Kansas , New Mexico , Wyoming , and many others. J can be seen each week on the RFD TV network program "Cowboy Flavor" where he provides the music while his friends Billy and Sue Ruiz prepare fantastic cowboy meals. He has also appeared at several events with his good friend nationally recognized horseman Chris Cox.

Cattleman, horseman, and musician J not only sings about the west he lives it. Whether you hear him perform in person or listen to him on his CD's one thing is for sure you will find his music easy to appreciate. "It's the real thing and I plan on keeping that way."

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