Willing Partners (Paperback) by Peter Campbell $17.95
Willing Partners (Paperback) by Peter Campbell

“There are a million different ways to work a horse. For me, there’s only one right way: to work from where the horse is at.” This comment says much about Peter Campbell's approach to horsemanship. A rarity among today’s crowded field of horsemanship clinicians, Peter doesn’t concern himself with paint-by-numbers methods or pre-programmed step-by-step instruction. Instead, he treats each horse as an individual with unique needs, and views horsemanship as an ongoing personal journey, one that can change the way a rider sees the world.

In his book, Peter, one of North America’s most influential horsemen and horsemanship educators, shares with readers his lifelong journey with horses – an experience guided by mentors that have included icons such as Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt – and offers his insight on such topics as colt starting, bridle-horse progression, and cow work, three of the greatest challenges riders face.

In straightforward, down-to-earth language, Campbell equips riders with the knowledge they need to achieve meaningful progress with their horses, along the way inspiring confidence and dispelling common myths about horse-handling. 90-page paperback.


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