Reata Roping of the Vaquero - The Basics $50.00
Reata Roping of the Vaquero - The Basics

The Basics with Alfonso Aguilar
This video builds the foundation for vaquero-style reata roping, including safe & smooth rope handling & horsemanship, loop building, swings, delivery, etc. for successful head & heel shots (using both a roping dummy and cattle). This video also includes bonus demonstrations by Alfonso showing various roping shots and his amazing horsemanship. Running time is approx. 1 hr. 15 min. DVD format.

Reata Roping of the Vaqueros demonstrates and explains the vaquero-style roping techniques developed by the Mexican cowboys (vaqueros), who took these skills northward to the United States. This style emphasizes control, safety, and eloquence, with roping shots for catching livestock in a variety of situations. Alfonso Aguilar spent several years roping both horses and cattle as a charro in Mexico and on ranches in the United States.


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