Tall in the Saddle by Steve J. Johnson $20.00
Tall in the Saddle by Steve J. Johnson

Dedicated to all who live the honest cowboy way of life, where one's word means what it says, and a simple handshake binds a contract.

"Tall in the Saddle is a well-crafted story by my friend Steve Johnson, one that will engage 'young' readers of all ages - from five-years-old on up to ninety-five - the same way Will James did for me when I waws a kid growing up in the West. I highly recommend this book for wnyone who has dreams of ever ridin' Tall in the Saddle." - Buck Brannaman

"Tall in the Saddle is a humorous and heartfelt story for young and old, where one can't help but feel like a player in it. Steve Johnson proves he can paint colorful stories with words just as well as with brushes." - Jennifer Dennison, Senior Editor, Western Horseman Magazine

"With heart-stirring stories of family life, horses and ranch work, and the ethics of the great American Cowboy, Tall in the Saddle will delight readers who know well this lifestyle - and those who don't yet." - Drew and Natalia Mischianti, Ranch Academy, Milan, Italy, Elko, Nevada

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