Martin Black - Roundpen to Arena Series $129.95
Martin Black - Roundpen to Arena Series

This series is meant to pick up where the “Colt Starting Philosophy” left off, and take you through the foundation building stage and enter the performance horse world.

Part 1- Foundation
Martin takes a 3-year-old from ride 5 to ride 11, as you watch the progression of each ride you will see the quiet manner the cold maintains as he advances through the basic maneuvers to establish a well rounded foundation

Part 2 - Progression
Martin demonstrates on a 3-year-old with 60 rides how the earlier foundation work starts to take shape with more precision and speed, and at the same time maintains the colt’s confidence.

Part 3 - Refinement
Martin demonstrates with more experienced horses the progression of the maneuvers to a higher level, and gives some exercises and tips that were not covered in #1 and #2.