The Vaquero Series - The 13-DVD Vaquero Set $205.00
The Vaquero Series - The 13-DVD Vaquero Set

The Vaquero Documentary Series follows the trail of the Vaqueros from Spain to Mexico to Santa Fe, Texas and California, to the far corners of America as the cowboy tradition evolved. It takes you behind the scenes to some of the country's most historic ranches, featuring real working cowboys and their families. These feature-length documentaries provide a vivid picture of the working Cowboys, Buckaroos, Californios, Vaqueros, Paniolos, Punchers and even the French Vachers of Louisiana who spend their lives horseback, working cattle. Beautifully underscored with the music of Ian Tyson, Dave Stamey, Don Edwards, Juni Fisher, Cajun and Zydeco Cowboy singers who have spent many hours in the saddle. Altogether, these films paint a penetrating portrait of cowboy life from its European roots to present day.

The latest installment is Vaquero Series #13: 

The Royal North West Mounted Police were the first ranchers in Alberta. They laid the foundation for the three major Cowtowns: Fort Macleod, Calgary and Maple Creek. Fort Benton, a trading post in Montana, played an important role in providing longhorns for the first ranches. These Mexican cattle were trailed up to Alberta by Texas Cowpunchers. The Canadians picked up their style of riding and handling cattle. And developed large corporate ranches funded by wealthy Scotsmen. A few of these ranches are still operating. Today, you see Buckaroo-style gear and Vaquero-style horsemanship. Theses California traditions were passed down in clinics by Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. 

Other titles in this series:

#1 TAPADERO - Californios
#2 THE REMUDA - Buckaroos
#3 Holo Holo PANIOLO - Hawaiians Cowboys
#4 HOULIHAN - Northern Range Cowboys
#5 LOS PRIMEROS - The First Vaqueros
#6 TIERRA ENCANTADO - New Mexico Cowboys
#7 MULA - The Old Spanish Trail
#10 BAYOU COWBOYS of Louisiana
#11 COW HUNTERS of Florida


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